Shopping Tips To Create The Perfect Child Bedroom

There are all different types of kid’s furniture that you can purchase to go with the theme of their room. However, regardless of the type of furniture you obtain for your child, you will want to make sure that it allows them to move comfortably; does not take up too much room so they still have a nice, safe play area; and is easily accessible to them.

When purchasing kids furniture there are a few aspects you will want to keep in mind. They are the following:
1. The size of their room. In other words, how much space you have to work with. You don’t want to overload your child’s room with furniture.

2. The theme of the room: is their furniture that will match? For instance, if you are doing a fairytale room there is castle bookshelves.

3. The size and/or age of your child. If you are purchasing kids furniture for your toddler or small child, you won’t want to select items that are too tall or out of their reach. Although you may think it better to purchase furniture that your children will “grow into”, as it will save you money in the long run, remember; growing children like to be independent and do things themselves, if you place things out of their reach this could be potentially dangerous to them.

With these things in mind, here is an example of the type of kids furniture you can use to decorate a girls room that is based on a floral theme.

Beds: Aside from the standard twin, or double bed, the perfect bed to go with a little girl’s floral themed room is a daybed with a canopy. You will also find that some daybeds, like the Bristol Canopy bed that can be found at here, is a trundle unit that is equipped with casters and can be rolled out and raised to hold another twin mattress.

Storage Furniture: The most popular storage kids furniture is bookshelves, and for the floral room, a dollhouse bookshelf would be the perfect touch to the room. This bookshelf is shaped like a standard open dollhouse with a number of different sized rooms that act as shelves.

Another great storage items you can add to her room is a toy box bench, which is a nifty piece of kids furniture that acts as both storage for her toys and a perfect sized seat for her. Choose a basic one that matches the color of the furniture in her room, and add a cushion to the seat that matches the color of the bedding or walls. You can place the bench by a window, or against a wall.

Dresser and nightstand – These come in different sizes and colors, and depending on what you are looking for, these kids furniture pieces can often be purchased in a set along with a bookshelf and sometimes even a desk. For the floral room, the best colors would be a light brown wood or furniture that has been painted white. Make sure you get the appropriate size for your child, and ensure that the furniture doesn’t have sharp edges that they can hurt themselves on.

Fun Furniture – This kids furniture can include a vanity, chairs like beanbag chairs or rocking chairs, pillow chairs and stools.

Finally, remember, while you may shop with your kids for their bedroom furniture, make sure that you purchase only the quality and safe kids furniture that you know they need and will use.

5 Unique Doll Houses That Aren’t Actually Houses

When we think of what a dollhouse looks like, we are often filled with the image of a traditional home, a Victorian style home, or even a country cottage. These dollhouses bring about images of mom and dad in the kitchen while the kids play in their bedroom. It is all about using the imagination for family role-playing. But, there is a whole wide world of dollhouses outside the traditional house. These unique dollhouses will open up a new world of role-playing for children and new collectible possibilities for adults.

The possibilities of unique dollhouses are almost endless. They go beyond the standard house and provide limitless opportunities for both play and collection. Some examples of unique dollhouses include a country store, New England lighthouse, church, fire station, and barn. These different settings will allow children to expand their imaginations into new forms of role-playing. It also gives the avid collector the ability to design new rooms in new settings and add some diversity to their collection.

Each of these unique dollhouses offers something special. The barn has a great loft as well as several areas for farm animals. The fire station has a bunk for the fireman, firemen’s pole, and bays for the fire trucks. The country store is a beautiful display piece with great potential for the right miniatures. The church boats an altar, six pews, and stained glass windows. None of these items would be found in a traditional dollhouse.

These unique dollhouses are available as a wood kits from Real Good Toys. Real Good Toys is based in Vermont, and so these designs have a very traditional New England feel. The company boasts some of the most unique and well-structured dollhouses available. Each design comes with a complete set of plans that includes working parts. The kits includes all precut materials, which ensures that each piece will match correctly. Several of the kits also come with miniature accessories.

Building a dollhouse from scratch brings an amazing sense of accomplishment. This is something that can be passed down the generations as an heirloom. The lighthouse kit includes electricity to light the way for ships and the church includes a ringing bell to call in the parishioners. These dollhouse models are a wonderful way for siblings to bond or for parent and child to spend time together or just for some relaxing alone time.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dollhouses. These 5 unique dollhouses are just the beginning. A true collector of dollhouses and miniatures should expand their collection to include some unique dollhouse designs. The barn, church, New England lighthouse, fire station and country store are just some of the potential additions to a great collection.

Kids Bedroom Makeover In Minutes

Do you keep up with decorating your kid’s bedroom, making it a fun space for their friends to hang out? Ok, let’s face it…the Winnie-the-Pooh border probably wasn’t meant to last until graduation. Isn’t it time to redecorate?

The two biggest obstacles to redecorating a child’s bedroom are time and expense. How to find time to paint or paste up new wallpaper? How much is it going to cost?

Today, there are some great new products available for decorating the walls of children’s rooms that will allow you to decorate for less than $20. Wall stickups (appliques) are available in a variety of fun designs and are easy to apply to walls. The stickups are self-stick and repositionable at any time. Just press the vinyl die-cut designs on any wall surface and you will have a new look in minutes! No mess, no residue!

Wall Stickups come in many fun designs that children from birth to teen will love. Disney characters, SpongeBob, NASCAR, plus much more. Products are also available specially-designed for tile and other bathroom spaces. Online shopping makes finding that perfect design a breeze.

Wall Stickups are so easy to use that you can even let your kids do the decorating! Just reposition the stickers anytime for a new look. It’s even easy to move the stickers from one child’s bedroom to another….hand-me-down stickers that can be reused many times!

Why wait? Have fun shopping online and then redecorate with your kids! You’ll love it!

Why Wheely Bugs Make An Awesome Gift For Children

Exactly What is Wheely Bugs you may ask? What are some good reasons to get your child a wheely bug in Sydney? These are good questions especially when there is a tonne of gift options in the market.

Simply put, they are a ride on toy for children. You may be thinking that there is a great deal of various ‘riding’ toys for kids out on the marketplace these days, and precisely what makes these so unique. There are in fact many things that make these toys stand apart in a crowd of other riding toys.

Reasons to get the wheely bug as a gift option.

First is their distinct style — businesses that sell wheely bug toys in Australia often get compliments about how the toy appears like a huge caterpillar, with a striped body, large antennae, and a U shaped handle for comfortable grip. They have vibrantly coloured seat locations which sit on a sturdy wood base with softly rounded corners. The wheels, unlike numerous other variations of the riding toy, are casters so they can travel in any direction, your kid will not get stuck in a corner.

A Gift that will last

Another great thing about the wheely bug is that they are made to last the test of time. The body of the ‘bug’ is a thick layer of soft product with an external housing of tough polyurethane. The antennae are a stainless-steel spring, which a plastic knob and an internal core so the springs cannot be pulled or extended. The handle is aluminium, which will not corrode, and there is a thick covering over it.

These Wheely Bugs are made from the highest quality materials, and every one is crafted by hand. There are four casters; each is ranked to 30kg, and combined suggests that even a five years of age can securely ride it. Plantation poplar is the plywood utilised for the base, which is durable and resilient. They can be used on any smooth surface.

Easy Maintenance

Another feature of these Wheely Bugs is that they are easy to tidy and can be cleaned down with just a moist fabric and some soapy water. All the colours are non-poisonous, so no matter what your child does to it, kiss, hug, cuddle, or drool on it, you know it is safe for them. Because of its unisex colour and design, it is a great toy for either a kid or a girl. There are many different designs to choose from to bumble bees, cows, and mice, just to name a few.

They are entirely safe to ride and have been certified to the highest safety requirements. Although the optimum recommended weight is 25kg, since the casters can together support 120kg, they can take the pressure of an average grown up. If anything does break or wear out, there are replacement parts that are readily available in the market.

Some important things to keep in mind are that they are suggested for ages 2.5-5, which they ought to be played with under some adult guidance. They will topple on different surface areas, or if more than one kid is riding. They ought to be used just by kids that can stroll on their own, and never as a help to assist your child in learning to walk as there are no breaks on the unit.